Friday, May 27, 2011

Nine Years...

It's been awhile... but we are still well out here and surviving day to day. I received a not so wonderful email after my last blog post in December, so have not been writing much publicly since. But we are still here, and yes, going strong.

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. Celebration of our veterans and our current armed forces personnel. Barbecues, camping out, or in some states - still skiing due to this crazy weather. For us, Memorial Day marks the 9 year anniversary since my dear husband and I got engaged and moved into our first house together.

Our home, like our relationship consumed our time. We nurtured both by essentially taking them down to the studs and rebuilding what was left standing. And what a remarkable trip it's been! When we moved into our first home, I'm not sure how we got a loan for it. There were broken windows, siding falling off, original wiring (think glass bulb circuits and newspaper wrapped copper wires from 1940's). We worked night shift then. We would come home sit on the front porch and share a beer while watching our neighbors leaving in the morning heading off to work... I'm sure we were quite a sight! We spent our days off laboring on our house and making it a wonderful home...and just as our house became more beautiful, so did our relationship. Do you ever look back and think, "how did I get HERE?" ... I think that's what "anniversary" moments are for. So nine years later, different house now, two children, multiple ups and downs with health, jobs, and life but that nurtured relationship is still blooming strongly. How lucky am I?