Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summertime and sleeplessness sarcasm...

It's finally here - summertime in the northwest. The time of year we wait anxiously for, those few months where the low cloud ceiling has lifted, we again realize that there is not only sunshine up there but stars at night as well. The time of year when all the Pacific northwesterners flush their antidepressants down the toilet and jump into the nearest river to "escape" the 80 degree heat... (which leaves one to question the root of the overwhelming happiness around here). C'mon, I warned you in the title of the sarcasm! Regardless, it's a welcomed sign.
Then there's the latest and greatest struggle around here - sleeplessness. After working night shift (7PM- 7:30AM) for years, I know, glamorous!, and surviving two babies 22 months apart in age we are all now home and sleeping through the night - finally. Well, almost all of us... what the heck happens to us women anyway?! Seriously, 4 AM is not the time to contemplate grocery lists, contacting family, making appointments and job insecurity - I have two of them, even if they aren't predicable and a budget is a waning thing since income is unreliable! So after tossing and turning - to meet that whisper in my ear every couple of hours, you married gals know what I'm talking about... I got up early again this morning after a refreshing 4 hours of sleep - AGAIN. So here I sit and prepare myself for my daily game, one I like to call "wear out the preschoolers", and think about increasing my vegetable intake with a bloody mary... what?! Don't judge, I've been up almost 6 hours and vegetables are good for you! Told you I was feeling sarcastic!
Anyhoo, in all seriousness it is great to see the sun again, great to feel it's warmth and hear the children running outside (even if it is at 8 AM on the slip 'n slide!). Happy summer days to you!