Saturday, May 8, 2010


Well, tomorrow is Mother's Day and I was not, when I awoke this morning, expecting much from the upcoming holiday. As a mom, you learn quickly that sacrifice replaces everything you ever held, so holidays simply aren't about you (yes, even Mother's Day). That's when it crept in, slowly like the sweet smell of your child sleeping quietly next to you in the early morning hours; warm, tender and oh so visible.

We did our usual routine; cereal, arguments about toys, cinnamon toast, what movie to watch and who gets to pick (argument), pb & jelly, quick shower for mom and out the door (sprinkled with a few hang ups like more arguments over who locks up the dog, who gets to lock the front door, et cetera). Yes, by now I am ready for a nap and it's barely 9a.m. After a busy morning of farmer's markets, town plants sales and the like we head home. Both kiddos are sick, AGAIN... (explanations to come later of the past couple of months), so we settled into a movie with blankets after lunch (despite the nearly 70 degree sunny weather outside our window).

As the snoring of two stuffy nosed toddlers began quietly, that thing that was creeping in early today softly nudged me in the back of the head... tomorrow is Mother's Day. While my children slept I snuck off to the computer and began to think about my life and how grateful I truly am (I know, it seems I've been doing nothing but complaining, really). I would not be a mother if it were not for my dear, sweet, persistent husband - who really talked me into this beautiful gig in the first place. And it's then that I realized, that's where this all began.

For my 39th birthday he made me quite possibly the most wonderful gift I have ever received... a DVD of photographs from my childhood. Pictures of memories. Pictures of life. Pictures of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, homes we lived in, places we visited, family and friends alike. I sat quietly watching the pictures warm the screen, scenes constantly changing and memories flooding back, all the while being serinaded by the wonderful soft snores of my beautiful, healthy, happy children. Happy Mother's Day.

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